Does God like Jazz?

I used the following quote from Richard Lenski’s Ephesians commentary in this morning’s message on singing.

Did not also Luther say that music drives the devil away?  He was, of course, not speaking of jazz.

  1. I don’t imagine Luther even knew what jazz was.
  2. How did Lenski know whether Luther would like jazz or not?
  3. It’s funny to see a meticulous scholar impose his musical taste on Luther, and, by extension, on all Christians.  To be fair, I don’t know what Lenski’s reasons for rejecting jazz were.
  4. It’s sobering to realise that all of us fall just as easily into the trap of assuming that our musical tastes and preferences can determine what is and is not acceptable as music for worship.  If I dislike pop music, I cannot see how God could possibly be honoured by such a noise; if I don’t appreciate classical music, I cannot understand how the Holy Spirit could possibly be present in a worship setting that uses such music.

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