Football stats: Everton v Manchester City

Here’s a little bit of football information to give you pause for thought at the start of the New Year.

Coincidentally, Everton and Manchester City have played the same two fixtures in the past week: Sunderland and West Bromwich Albion (away).

As you may know, Manchester City’s squad cost approximately £3 billion to assemble, not including weekly wages which amount to £1 billion (give or take a few thousand); Everton’s squad cost around £200 thousand, plus long and short-term loans: the player play for the pride of the shirt (with a few quid thrown in when one of the chairman’s West End shows is having a good run).**

The billionaires lost to Sunderland (0-1 – and no use whining about offside, it’s done) and drew with WBA (0-0).

The paupers drew with Sunderland (1-1 – and no use whining about a fortuitous penalty, it’s done) and beat WBA (1-0).

As they say in the trade, “it’s a funny old game”.

** For those who have had an irony/humour bypass, these numbers are not intended to be accurate.

PS – The three points secured by Victor Anichebe’s winner at WBA took Everton over the landmark of 1000 points in the Premier League.


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