Sunday preaching – in a warehouse!

No kidding: that’s what they call it. ‘The Warehouse’ is the building (they have several buildings on their campus) where Glenabbey Church hosts their Sunday meetings. Glenabbey is a thriving independent church located in Glengormley/Newtownabbey just north of Belfast. Sunday morning runs two identical services (more or less identical – the second sermon was a bit longer this morning!) with one for the early birds at 9.30 and the other (which draws a bigger congregation) at 11.30.

They’ve just begun a new series to run for the first couple of months in 2012 on the theme of prayer. My talk was the second in the series and they asked me to deal with the issue of talking with God – from the story of Martha and Mary in Luke 10.

In the message we thought about two things we are not meant to take away from the story (it is not an excuse for laziness or a slight on service) and two things we are meant to take from it (it is a call away from distraction and a call to devotion).

If you would like to watch or listen to the message, you can access it here on Glenabbey’s website.


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