Was Keith Getty in your church at the weekend?

Keith Getty may be talented but he is not omnipresent, so the answer to the question – for most of you, unless you happened to be wherever he was worshiping on Sunday – is no. But then again, chances are that that the answer is yes – in terms of his influence – because you may well have sung at least one of his modern hymns over Easter weekend. I know the church we attended on Easter Sunday did.

During the past decade, Keith, along with his wife, Kristyn and his song-writing colleague, Stuart Townend, having been working hard to resource the Church with excellent new hymns. In Christ Alone is probably the best known, but Easter will have seen churches make use of The Power of the Cross (O, to see the Dawn) and See what a Morning (that’s the one we sang on Easter Sunday).

In a few weeks, Keith and Kristyn will return to their native Northern Ireland as part of a ten night “Celtic Islands Tour”. There will be three nights in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall (two are already sold out), one in Londonderry’s Millennium Forum, with the other nights in other venues in the UK, including Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh. They will be performing with local choirs and orchestras and will be joined by Stuart Townend. As well as the involvement of local choirs and orchestras, (New Irish Orchestra in the Irish venues) they will be supported by a band comprising an array of accomplished musicians from both sides of the Atlantic.

In addition to some of the old favourites, the concerts will include previews of some new compositions that will feature on Keith and Kristyn’s new album, to be released during 2012.

Keith says:

All throughout Scripture we see the importance of offering our praise. The Psalms go so far as to command us to shout with joy to the Lord. That’s what we’re hoping to accomplish on each stop of this tour.

More information about the Gettys, their music and their tours is available frmo their website: www.gettymusic.com.


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