Book review: If God, then What?

To judge by the endorsements on the back cover of this new book from Andrew Wilson, it is going to be some read. “The best book on apologetics that has come from these shores in a decade,” is one claim; “A treat to read as well as an education,” is another.

And it lives up to the expectations.

Andrew Wilson is a pastor and writer based in Eastbourne. He has produced a brilliant example of Christian apologetics for the 21st century. An atheist reviewer on Amazon admitted that it was “disappointingly good.”

The book’s subtitle is “Wondering aloud about truth, origins and redemption.”

Once we get beyond the introductions there are nine chapters. Each chapter deals with a big question:

  1. What kind of evidence is there for that? In which Andrew Wilson unpicks fundamentalism (a religion teacher once labelled him a fundamentalist).
  2. How do we know? In which he presents phenomenalists and positivists (via Descartes, the Matrix and The Oxford Companion to Philosophy), and suggests that we need to become like Hercule Poirot and learn to make the best sense of all the available evidence.
  3. How did we get here” In which he discusses the fine-tuning of the universe under the heading “Galactic Roulette.”
  4. Why do you think? In which he asks whether we think “because a mind created the world and therefore created things with minds as well.”
  5. What is possible? In which he discusses miracles.
  6. What’s wrong with the world? (A Hornet in the Icing) in which he discusses the problem of evil.
  7. What’s the solution? In which he imagines a world redeemed.
  8. What happened on 9 April AD 30? In which he talks about a visit to a library in Dublin and the evidence that Jesus was raised from the dead.
  9. So what? In which he encourages the reader to respond to the love of God.

It’s a fun and informative read. As one of the endorsements says, “a real page-turner.”

Highly recommended.


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