What’s in a name?

We drove through this County Fermanagh village last week and I thought it was worth a photo. I have no idea why it has that name – if you know, please enlighten me.

(UPDATE – someone with local knowledge tells me that it means a flagstone.)

About a month ago I blogged about the story of Mephibosheth – grandson of King Saul and recipient of the grace of King David. Before he lived at the palace with David, he was living in a place called Lo Debar.

The Lo part of that name has to do with the absence of something. Debar could be referring to the Hebrew word for word, or the Hebrew word for pasture. In either case, there was a lack of something – so they might have appreciated this Irish road sign!

No disrespect is intended to the good people of this Fermanagh village, but that OT snapshot is about the King bringing the descendent of his enemy from a place of lack to a place of plenty.

That’s grace.


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