Steve Brown on self-righteousness

In preaching last night on Jesus’ parable about the two men praying at the Temple, I mentioned some of what Steve Brown says about self-righteousness in his book, What was I thinking? Things I’ve learned since I knew it all.

  • Self-righteousness is subtle. “It’s a disease that can hardly ever be diagnosed by the person who has it.”
  • Self-righteousness is incremental. “The sin of self-righteousness is always built on the good and the pure.”
  • Self-righteous is addictive. We keep doing what feeds it.
  • Self-righteousness is indiscriminate. It is everywhere, not just in religious people.
  • Self-righteousness is destructive. “Self-righteousness … makes it almost impossible to love, and thus destroys relationships.”

If you’re a Christian and can take communion, can worship and be involved in ministry without wondering why in the world God would forgive, love and save you, you simply haven’t understood the gospel.


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