The Vicar of Baghdad

Andrew White, ‘The Vicar of Baghdad”, has been in Northern Ireland this weekend. He was speaking at a missionary convention last night, but yesterday afternoon was the guest at a small reception hosted by Release International. I was at the reception.

Andrew White is an unusual man involved in a remarkable work. His church – St George’s – is in a city which is still a war zone. Over 200 of their people have been killed in the past three years. As well as the church, with its various meetings, there is a free health clinic and a school. The church members have nothing, even giving the little they have away to a project outside of the country. However they have seen God providing the significant finances required to keep everything running.

The message from the Church in Baghdad to our churches in the West? The Church in Baghdad is strong and it is growing; it is suffering and has nothing. But God is everything and they believe he may just want to use them!

Andrew White is convinced that he has “the best job in the world” and that his church is “the most wonderful church in the world.”

Pray for three ps:

  • Protection
  • Perseverance
  • Provision

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