What kind of people affect your spiritual passion?

It’s over 25 years since Gordon MacDonald produced his book, Restoring your Spiritual Passion.

One of the things he talked about in the book was the idea that there are different groups of people (five) who affect our spiritual passion in different ways (he also talks about seven conditions that threaten it and four spirits that destroy it).

Here are the five:

  1. VRP’s – Very Resourceful People: they ignite our spiritual passion.
  2. VIP’s – Very Important People: they share our passion.
  3. VTP’s – Very Trainable People: they catch our passion.
  4. VNP’s – Very Nice People: they enjoy our passion.
  5. VDP’s – Very Draining People: they sap our passion.

How many of each of these do you have around you? How much time do you spend with each kind? What kind of person are you to others?

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