Mr Bean, Chariots of Fire and the Church

Do you remember the Olympics? What about the opening ceremony? Mr Bean? One note on a keyboard for about five minutes.

I heard a preacher use that musical performance as a metaphor. There are thousands of churches that do the same thing week after week and expect to see different results. They are like Mr Bean: playing one note over and over when there is a whole symphony to be played. The proclamation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ is the symphony.

But then I remember listening to another preacher telling us that we needed to keep the main thing the plain thing and the plain thing the main thing. That sounds a bit  repetitive: like Mr Bean!

Could both preachers be right?

Mr Bean’s Chariots rendition is not an either or. Because, while Mr Bean sounds his solitary note, there is a whole symphony orchestra soaring around him: his repeated notes are just one steady line that runs through it.

And therein lies the challenge for the Church. To hold the steady line of the Gospel and make sure it runs from start to finish; while unleashing the soaring creativity of a God who made galaxies and snowdrops, green chilli peppers and pineapples, giraffes and butterflies.

(Here is a link to that performance from Mr Bean).

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