A question for preachers about counselling

How many pastors pause long enough to consider the potential disjunction between the biblical foundations of their preaching ministry and the temptation either to offer people with problems in living an eclectic mix of homespun wisdom and pop psychology with the added veneer of a few Bible verses, or to refer these people to a professional counsellor, without any attempt to ascertain that counsellor’s presuppositions?

2 thoughts on “A question for preachers about counselling

  1. As the attack on the authority of God’s Word is intensified in this post-modern era, preachers need to hold firm to the sufficiency of Scripture or eventually capitulate our pastoral care to psycho-therapists who might not believe in the existence of the soul nor be compassioantely concerned for the spiritual well being of those they counsel.

    1. Shaun – I have been working this term on the Biblical Counselling movement. This movement has fought hard to uphold the place of Scripture in counselling. The story of the last 40 years of Christian counselling has had a considerable amount of controversy.

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