An outline of the book of Hebrews

If you are looking for a good outline of the book of Hebrews, it’s worth considering this one – from Leland and Philip Ryken, in the ESV Literary Study Bible:

Passage Subjects Covered Persons in addition to Christ who are referenced Contribution to the Christology Superiority Motif
1:1-14 Christ’s superiority to angels Prophets and angels Christ’s person The superior Saviour
2:1-18 Christ as the perfect Saviour
3:1-6 Christ’s superiority to Moses Moses and the Jews of the exodus
3:7-4:13 Warning against unbelief; exhortation to enter Christ’s rest
4:14-5:10 Christ as sympathetic high priest Priests Christ’s priesthood
5:11-6:20 Mingled warning and encouragement Christians at risk
7:1-28 Christ as superior priest Priests
8:1-10:18 The new and better covenant Recipients of the new covenant Christ’s sacrifice The Superior Covenant
10:19-39 Exhortation to endure in the faith Christians at risk Christ’s followers The superior life of faith
11:1-12:2 Honour roll of faith Heroes of the faith
12:3-29 Variations on the theme of endurance Christians in need of instruction and the will to endure
13:1-25 Rules for living the Christian life

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