A preacher’s guide to idols

It may seem strange to think of preachers as idolators. In our Western cult of celebrity, we may not be surprised at the suggestion that some people make idols of their favourite preachers, or at least put them on pedestals. But preachers as idolators?

In his 2011 book, Preacher, keep yourself from idols, Derek Tidball reviews a dozen idols to which he believes preachers are especially vulnerable. He lists them in four groups: idols associated with self, with the age, with the task and with the ministry.

The idols of the self

  • The idol of the pulpit
  • The idol of authority
  • The idol of popularity

The idols of the age

  • The idol of success
  • The idol of entertainment
  • The idol of novelty
  • The idol of secularization

The idols of the task

  • The idol of oratory
  • The idol of immediacy

The idols of the ministry

  • The idol of professionalism
  • The idol of busyness
  • The idol of familiarity

I’ll be sharing a few thoughts from the book over the next few days.

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