Five days in Germany

From our week in Israel, we travelled – via Istanbul – to Germany where we spent four days with some of the friends and associates of ICC-Eurasia, a network of English-speaking international churches in Europe on the occasion of their annual pastoral retreat.

First though, we had the opportunity to visit two vastly contrasting iconic Bavarian sites. The first was Dachau, the first of the Nazi concentration camps; the second was BMW world – a symbol of the success of modern Germany.

The pastoral retreat was held at a holiday centre about 90 minutes from Munich and close to the Austrian border and the city of Salzburg (Mozart, Von Trapp family singers). We were a small group, but included people who had travelled from Munich, Prague, France (north, south and central), and the US. My brief was to address the plenary sessions in which we looked at the leadership journey of Moses; Pauline led several sessions with ministry wives, looking at the themes of roles, depression and seasons. There were sessions for strategic planning for the network as well as meal times and informal evening chats. One afternoon and evening were spent exploring Salzburg.

You can read a bit more about the ICC-Eurasia network here.

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