Was Jesus on TV this morning?

IMG_0121Did you see Jesus on TV this morning? With none other than Eamonn Holmes who said (with a pretty straight face) that it had been amazing meeting him. There was even a Mary alongside: Mary Luck, apparently, but happy to go by Magdalene.

If you saw the interview you probably didn’t know whether to laugh or cry (or punch your TV).

Turns out that ‘Jesus’ seems like a gentle, humble sort of a guy. Australian, as it happens. He’s 50 and happy to communicate via his website where apparently there is a truckload of free resources. Sounds as though he would appreciate a few pennies by way of donation, though – he has to make ends meet. Doesn’t sound like he’s the kind to buy a few loaves in the supermarket, multiply them, and stock up the freezer – even though you’d think that would allow the donations to go a bit further.

Not even a water-into-wine type, either. Eamonn did suggest it, but he declined; not into doing things like that to impress people. In fact, it seems that the incident at Cana of 2000 years ago was a ‘myth.’

Thanks for clearing that up then.

Of course I know that the first time Jesus came, he was not recognised. But this is not history repeating itself.

This is nonsense.

In fact, it on the far side of nonsense. It turns out that it’s not just the Australian middle order batting that has gone off the rails.

I don’t know whether this guy really believes what he says – I suspect he might. But he is not Jesus.

The man on TV this morning is not the incarnate Son of God who has promised he will come again. He will appear a second time to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him (Hebrews 9:28).

AJ Miller and his friend Mary sound more like a mix of liberal New Testament scholarship and a story from a Dan Brown novel. ‘I’m nobody’s lord, just call me AJ…’ he tells us.

Sorry AJ, the real Jesus is Lord.

When he returns, it will not be to give chatty interviews on morning television. Every knee will bow to him and every tongue will confess that he is Lord. He will appear in great glory and will be accompanied by the sound of a trumpet (he told us so himself).

That was not him talking to Eamonn on Sky TV this morning.

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