More on those charity salaries

As a PS to yesterday’s post about the salaries of some charity executives, here is a link to a statement by Matthew Frost of Tear Fund. It’s gracious and open and reflects the kind of attitude that you’d want to see in the leader of a Christian charity – whatever the salary.

2 thoughts on “More on those charity salaries

  1. I didn’t like this. I thought it was an unnecessary apologetic, and the bits about how many children he has and how much he gives are not what was being debated.

    What I wanted to see was a Trustee speak out instead of the CEO (removing the personal side of it) and defending Tearfund’s amazing impact, and the link between that and treating their staff well

    1. Although to be fair he may have said what he said somewhat reluctantly. While the issue of his family and his giving were not being debated I think it is good for his constituency to see what he is doing. However, as you say, I think it would have been better if a board member had said this about him. As a friend of mine (who worked as CEO of a Christian NGO) says – “full passion should go into the fulfilment of the mission of the organisation and there should be an absence of self-serving motives.” I think those are good guidelines.

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