Learning Leadership from Sir Alex Ferguson

Disclaimer: you do not need to be either a fan of Sir Alex or Man Utd to read the following!

The Harvard Business review has published an analysis of Ferguson’s methods. Here is the headline summary:

  1. Start with the foundation
  2. Dare to rebuild your team
  3. Set high standards – and hold everyone to them
  4. Never, ever cede control
  5. Match the message to the moment
  6. Prepare to win
  7. Rely on the power of observation
  8. Never stop adapting

You can read the whole article online here.

Obviously the setting is very specific – managing a football club. But equally obviously the HBR thought there was value in sharing these insights further afield.

A question for church leaders: do you think you can learn something from any of this? (Hairdryer is not recommended!)

Quotable quote:

For a player—for any human being—there is nothing better than hearing “Well done.” Those are the two best words ever invented.

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