Could you sum up your church’s mission in three words?

If you’ve been around a few airports in Europe, you may well recognise the logo above. It’s meant to sum up your airport shopping experience at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport.

Memorable and recognisable.

What about your church? Could you sum up what it’s about in three words, or even a short phrase?

How about this one:

  • reaching
  • building
  • sending

I think you see it illustrated in the book of Acts in Antioch (modern day Antakya in southern Turkey).

The church was established as scattered believers reached other people with the message of the Lord Jesus; the church was built up through Barnabas and his ministry of encouragement, and as he and Saul/Paul spent a year teaching; by sending off Saul and Barnabas at the prompting of the Holy Spirit, they became a launchpad for strategic mission.

What about your church? Does it have a mission statement? More importantly, does the mission statement happen?

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