Live at the Gospel Coalition (new Getty album)

Keith and Kristyn Getty have just released their most recent album, recorded live at this year’s Gospel Coalition conference.

If you have followed their work over the past few years and kept up with their albums, you will recognise most of the material on this recording. In a way it’s a collection of (most of) their best known hymns.

So you will find In Christ Alone, O to See the Dawn (Power of the Cross), Across the Lands, Hear the Call of the Kingdom, and others. Lift High the Name of Jesus makes its first appearance on an album and the mix is completed with three well known traditional hymns that are each given special treatment: Holy Holy Holy closes the album and its superbly sung a-cappella; at the other end of the scale, there is a very upbeat version of All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, combined with an Irish reel! And there is When I survey: basically a-cappella and sung immediately after The Power of the Cross. I don’t think spine-tingling is quite the right expression in this context, but it’s one of the most powerful moments on the album.

Fresh, gospel-centred and inspiring.

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