Robert Clinton on leaders and leadership

Further to the post on Robert Clinton’s The Making of a Leader, a couple of definitions:


A leader is a person with God-given capacity and God-given responsibility who influences a group of followers towards God’s purposes for the group.

LEADERSHIP (if you want a longer, more academic definition):

A dynamic process over an extended period of time in various situations in which a leader utilizing leadership resources and by specific leadership behaviors, influences the thoughts and activities of followers toward accomplishment of aims usually mutually beneficial to leaders, followers, and the macro context of which they are a part. A biblical leader is defined as a person with God-given capacity and God-given responsibility to influence a specific group of God’s people towards His purposes for the group.

Worth highlighting a few words:

  • Person – generally speaking (and with Christmas coming up, there are those stories about angels!), God works through people. In Scripture: Moses, Joshua, David, Jesus, Paul and others.
  • Capacity – are leaders born or made? OR are leaders called and gifted by God and then developed towards their full potential as they progress through their leadership journey?
  • Responsibility – call and gift bring responsibility.
  • People – the old adage that a leader with no one following is just taking a walk. The followers are an essential part of the function of leadership.
  • Purposes – there is a goal, something to work towards.

What do you think of Clinton’s definitions? Anything you would leave out? Anything you think he may have left out?

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