Robert Clinton’s leadership development theory

God develops a leader over a lifetime. That development is a function of the use of events and people to impress leadership lessons upon a leader (processing), time, and leader response. Processing is central to the theory. All leaders can point to critical incidents in their lives where God taught them something very important.

Clinton also says that ‘leadership is a lifetime of God’s lessons.’

  • Processing – a general word for a range of events and people that come into play in a leader’s development. Whatever God uses to select and develop a leader.
  • Time – while a leader may suddenly emerge or be thrust into the spotlight, expect leader development to take time.
  • Leader response – two people can go through a similar experience but process it, and emerge from it quite differently.

Here is a summary of Clinton’s book, The Making of a Leader.

And here is a link to his definition of leadership.

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