Robert Clinton and reflective evaluation

One of the things that Robert Clinton wants to stress in his book The Making of a Leader is the fact that ‘ministry flows out of being.’ Character, therefore, needs to be deepened and maturity comes through facing difficult situations. Outlining the ‘reflective evaluation pattern’ is Clinton’s way of trying to alert leaders to what may be going on so that their experiences are not wasted.

Here (according to Clinton) is how it happens:

  • God initiates intense processing to gain the attention of the leader
  • The leader is forced to do serious reflection about ministry, life and ultimate reality
  • The leader does an evaluation that results in formative thinking and commitment to growth measures learned in the processing
  • The leader experiences a renewed determination to know God more deeply
  • God blesses the commitment and the renewed determination by deepening the relationship between Himself and the leader

Getting specific, Clinton goes on to talk about isolation, conflict and crises. More on some of this next week.

Worth noting that all of this is not too dissimilar to the concept of crucibles developed by Warren Bennis and Robert Thomas in Geeks and Geezers.


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