Leaders who plateau

I’ve been posting material from Robert Clinton’s book, The Making of a LeaderYou can read previous posts here, here, here and here.

Clinton is convinced that leader development is lifelong. However, some leaders plateau and no longer develop. Having acquired some skills and experience, they settle for coasting. Clinton reckons that the majority of leaders land in this category, and because of the pace of cultural change, this actually means decline.

Tucked away in the endnotes (easy to miss!) is a list of several symptoms of the plateau barrier, including:

  • A lack of enthusiasm for leadership selection (failing to recognise and help emerging leaders).
  • A lack of personal growth projects.
  • Lack of interest in fundamental formation through such things as interaction with the Word and prayer.

These are challenging thoughts!

If you are a leader – especially if you have been leading for a while – how are you doing with all of this? As a new year approaches, are there one or two commitments you need to make to ensure, by the grace of God, that you don’t get stuck short of your potential?

Meantime, it’s worth throwing in a line from Geeks and Geezers:

For lifetime leaders, learning is as natural as breathing.

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