Advent 5: Why does the incarnation matter?

Despite the ubiquity of the English language, the best way to communicate with most French people is to speak French. The best way to communicate with most Mexicans is to speak Spanish. The best way to communicate with most Thai people is to speak Thai.

And so on.

If the person you are speaking to has a smattering of English vocabulary, then speaking English s l o w l y and more clearly may help, though it’s probably a mistake to think that the louder you speak the easier it is for a non Anglophone to understand you!

At the coming of Christ, God was translated into human. The Word became flesh. We call it incarnation.

Here are three reasons why the incarnation matters.

  1. We have Someone who understands us. Of course God knows everything: he is God and his knowledge has no limits. But since Jesus became one of us, we have a God who knows what it is like to be human, not simply because he knows everything, but because he has experienced what human beings experience.
  2. We have Someone who represents us. The Bible story of redemption is a story of reconciliation. For that to happen, there had to be a Mediator between God and the people he had made. We have one – ‘The Man, Christ Jesus.’
  3. We have Someone to tell us what God is like. Jesus did this through things that he said – like teaching us to pray to God and call him ‘Father’. But he also did it through how he lived.

The Word became flesh.

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