The final third of life

Statistically, if I am not already there, I must be getting mighty close!

Two thoughts for those of us at that phase of life:

  1. What if your most significant mission or your most important leadership task awaits you on the upper side of middle age? Despite the early signs of destiny and the early displays of passion, Moses was only clearly called by God on the threshold of the final third of his life. The final 40 years (they lived long, back then, even without statins) were his leadership years.
  2. This – from Bill George in Authentic Leadership:

The key to being fulfilled in the final third of life lies in our desire to continue to grow intellectually and in our hearts.

3 thoughts on “The final third of life

  1. I agree with you so much. Think about Caleb – you know, the chorus about spies and giants doesn’t tell the whole story (12 Spies were sent to spy in Canaan). It stops at the spies returning with their different perspectives on the Promised Land but Caleb didn’t forget! He claimed the land of Hebron. He was favoured by God in allowing him to come through to the Promised Land – because he had followed the Lord ‘wholeheartedly’. But he did not get it on a plate – he had to conquer it. But he was up for that – and he beat the giants he had talked about! He had faith to see what others had not – and won over the Anakims. He had seen a new thing when others saw nothing but problems – and saw it at an advanced age.

    Caleb lived an extraordinary life, a radical life for God. A man who lived out his life for God – and finished the course well. Please let us follow his example – and be prepared to ‘fight the giants’ in our life. To see positives where others see negatives! To look for opportunities to serve you, regardless of age – even though we may feel our age, at times, is a hindrance. Help us to look for, and take, any opportunities that arise to live for Jesus Christ and to ‘make a difference’ for him – to be radical in our lives.

    Two verses to leave with you – Isaiah 43 v18.19. “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland”

    Can I leave a poem with you?

    God’s not finished with me yet

    There’s still too far to go!

    Shaping me; and changing me

    Moulding me; re-making me

    Guiding me, step by step

    God’s not finished with me yet

    He has much more work to do

    Pushing me; pruning me

    Filling; fine-tuning me

    My ordered world needs upset

    God’s not finished with me yet

    There’s still too much of me!

    My wants; my desires

    My coldness; my fires

    Submission is hard to accept

    God’s not finished with me yet

    But resistance is what I do best!

    Digging in; holding on

    Not letting go; not letting God

    Will I look back with regret?

    God’s not finished with me yet

    ‘New things’, not the past, is His goal

    Transforming me; renewing me

    Refreshing me; improving me

    God’s definitely not finished with me yet!

    Eddie Currie

  2. Thanks Eddie – and wan’t Caleb 85 when he wanted to get hold of the hill country. Interesting that 40 years of desert wandering had not drained him!

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