Five qualities of authentic leaders (from Bill George)

In his book, Authentic Leadership, Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic, writes about the five qualities that true leaders need to develop.

They understand their purpose: leaders need to find their unique purpose, through understanding themselves, their passions and their motivations.
They practice solid values: values are shaped by personal beliefs and developed through study, reflection, interaction with others and through experience.
They lead with heart: the hearts of followers (employees) need to be engaged through a sense of purpose.
They establish connected relationships: the 21st century has no place for detached style of leadership.
They demonstrate self-discipline: ‘authentic leaders must have the self-discipline to do everything they can to demonstrate their values through their actions’

Beyond this, George writes that each of the five qualities requires a further development quality if the leader is to be effective:

* Leaders need to develop a passion for their purpose
* Values need to be demonstrated by behaviour
* The heart dimension of leadership needs developing compassion
* Relationships need to be built by connectedness
* Self-discipline calls for consistency

Would you agree on the importance of these qualities? Are there others you would add?

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