Ten things you should know as you start your ministry (summary)

I’ve written a piece this week with this title for the Gospel Convergence blog. Here are the headers, and if you would like to read the detail, head over to Gospel Convergence.

  1. You need to live out your calling, and not someone else’s
  2. If you live for people’s praise, their criticism will really hurt you
  3. You should (not) be professional about your work
  4. There is a difference between perseverance and stubbornness
  5. Conflict is inevitable: you need to learn how to handle it well
  6. Being a great preacher and a compassionate pastor should not be an either/or
  7. There are people who will be glad to help you: ask them
  8. Being teachable and correctable is a virtue
  9. It is (not) about you
  10. The gospel is true

PS – the photo in the middle of the article is not me!
PPS – I was not the perfect pastor!

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