Peter – the man who argued with Jesus

This morning I was reading the story of Peter’s encounter with ‘something like a great sheet’ packed with strange animals, the like of which Peter would never have eaten. It was the prelude to his trip to Caesarea to announce the news of Jesus to Cornelius and his friends.

The main point of the animals was not so much about the cleanness or otherwise of various kinds of food, but it was the removal of a barrier that could have prevented the gospel reaching the Gentiles.

But the particular thing I noticed was Peter’s argument with the voice from heaven and how he actually made a bit of a habit of arguing with Jesus. Here are three incidents:

  1. ‘Far be it from you, Lord’ (Matthew 16): Peter’s response to news that Jesus would suffer.
  2. ‘Even though they all fall away, I will not’ (Mark 14): Peter’s response to news that Jesus’ disciples would fall away.
  3. ‘By no means, Lord’ (Acts 10): the incident of the animals.

Of course in each of the three incidents, Jesus was right!

Question: where do you find yourself arguing with Jesus?


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