Waiting on God or just not able to make up your mind?

I’ve had some conversations recently that, at one level are about quite different things, but on another, have something on common. One topic is young Christian men in search of wives and the other is church leaders.

Let’s talk about the young men in search of wives. No bad thing – that’s what Proverbs says. And they want these wives to carry the stamp of God’s approval. But sometimes these young guys – earnest young guys – just can’t seem to make their minds up. Or perhaps God has not yet given the green light? So they leave the girl to wonder and wait.

And what of the church leaders (usually men in the circles that I move in)? One of the things that frustrates business people in church life is the inability of leaders to make decisions. Business leaders know they have no time to waste so they get on with it. But – like the young men in search of wives – church leaders are not so quick. They too need a green light from God.

I need to include a disclaimer at this point. Those who know me and know me well know that decisiveness is not my strongest point. They know that I may never get around to writing that book on overcoming procrastination.

That said, and while in no way wanting to play down the importance of waiting on God (Psalm 37 is a challenge to those who just want to rush in and take things in our own hands), and learning to discern his voice (I suspect we need more stories of Acts 13 type meetings for worship and fasting where the Holy Spirit’s voice is heard), I wonder how much of our indecisiveness gets blamed on God. Sometimes we appear to imagine God like a mischievous uncle trying to get his small nephews and nieces to guess where he has hidden a disappearing one pound coin!

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