The preacher’s guide to summer preaching

I think we hit 14 celsius here in Northern Ireland today. Not exactly tropical, I know. But just in case you live and preach somewhere that is liable to be affected by the next big predicted heatwave, here are some suggestions that might promote your comfort and that of those who listen to you:

  • Make sure to use deodorant. Obvious, really. Especially if you are an arm waver who likes to ditch the jacket!
  • A bit of fake tan won’t harm you. Time in the study means you won’t get much sun. Your summer congregation will not be too enthusiastic about  someone who looks like a packet of aspirin.
  • Ditch the tie and dark suit. You are not a secret agent. I mean, you don’t preach in your Ray Bans!
  • Don’t preach in an Abercrombie and Fitch tee shirt. Just don’t. In fact, unless you get to the gym a lot, avoid tee shirts altogether. And you should not be advertising anyway!
  • No shorts. Especially if you are over 40.
  • If you go for the John the Baptist sandals look, be sure not to wear socks.

One thought on “The preacher’s guide to summer preaching

  1. Lot’s of surprises in there (I hope your readers see the tongue in cheek)
    Men and fake tan – really??? Shorts with Moses sandals and the socks pulled up are a common sight in these parts but thankfully I’ve yet to see it in the pulpit.

    On the serious side I would say, realise that most church buildings have insufficient fresh air movement during hot periods and even though you may be their favourite preacher and they may really want to concentrate – it is not easy when you are very uncomfortable. Preach the Word but keep it shorter and too the point.

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