A plea for mentors

A while ago I was reviewing the leadership journey of a godly, retired church leader. He had ‘come of age’ in terms of his church leadership at a time when – in his words – ‘there was no talk about mentors or disciplers’.

He told me that he would have loved an older Christian to have helped walk him through the essentials of the faith; even if this older person had been from a different denominational background, with different views on certain things, he could have suggested some useful reading to help the younger leader come to his own opinion.

And he said this:

That would have been so good, if I had had that. I think it would have prevented me from making mistakes later on: mistakes that I had to learn by, and did learn by. But it might have short circuited some of the problems in the ministry.

If you are a seasoned leader, say in the second half of your life and leadership, how do you read that? Is there a younger leader or two that you know who might benefit from your coming alongside them in their leadership journey?

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