Gettys at the Waterfront


We spent Saturday evening at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall (where you’re not really supposed to take pictures or use your phone): it was the third evening of the launch event for Keith and Kristyn Getty’s autumn tour, Facing a Task Unfinished. That’s also the title of their most recent CD release. The title comes from an old missionary hymn, written in 1931 which the Gettys refreshed and relaunched earlier this year in a unique world-wide sing that included over 5000 churches.

The Gettys were joined on stage by their band – an extraordinarily talented bunch of musicians who – it should be said – add to these events because of the enthusiasm they exude while making music, by Jonathan Rea and members of his New Irish project, and by Keith’s writing partner for his best known hymn, Stuart Townend.

Music and musical tastes can be quite a divisive issue in churches: we should be grateful for the way Keith, Kristyn and Stuart have contributed a singable, and theologically rich repertoire to the Church’s hymnody.

If you missed the concerts in Belfast, get the album (crank it up on the amazing tour of the world ‘Beyond these Shores’; and if you live in North America, get along to one of the upcoming tour events.

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