Ten Tips for Being Clearer in Preaching (HT Phil Campbell)

Phil Campbell and Gary Millar’s little book on preaching is worth a read.

In one of the chapters, Phil Campbell gives his ‘top ten tips for being clearer’. Here they are:

  1. The more you say, the less people will remember
  2. Make the ‘big idea’ shape everything you say
  3. Choose the shortest, most ordinary words you can*
  4. Use shorter sentences
  5. Forget everything your English teacher taught you
  6. Am I repeating myself? (You should)
  7. Translate narratives into the present tense
  8. The six-million-dollar secret of illustrating (illustrate the obvious and don’t sweat about illustrating the complicated)
  9. People love to hear about people
  10. Work towards your key text

* Which may mean that his advice to ‘eschew utilising cumbersome terminology’ is deliberately couched in irony!

To fill out the details, I suggest you buy the book!

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