A week after Easter…

You may have had the past week off and you are getting ready for the return to work and there may still be some chocolate left in your house!

Biblically, it was a week after Easter that Thomas was convinced that Jesus was alive.

He had missed out on Jesus’ appearance (John 20) among the disciples in the Upper Room. They’d been locked away in there out of fear. But Jesus spoke peace. He showed them his hands and side – evidence that it was really him.

But Thomas had missed it. Thomas was the archetypal skeptic, and and in true glass-half empty style, he was not convinced. He would need to see for himself.

And so a week after Easter he did.

Not much seems to have changed. Again the doors are locked. Again Jesus appears and speaks peace.

As for Thomas, graciously, Jesus meets him at exactly his point of doubt. It was perhaps this, even more than the sight of the wounds, that convinced Thomas that this was his Lord and his God.

There are three kinds of believers in the short encounter between Thomas and Jesus:

  1. There are people who have not seen and who do not believe. That was Thomas. Probably many people today, too. Seeing is believing, they claim.
  2. There are people who have seen and who believe. That was Thomas. It was the other disciples too.
  3. There are people who have not seen and yet believe. That was the people who would believe because of the witness of the first witnesses.

And it’s that third group to which we are invited to belong.

We have not seen him, but we believe – and in believing we have life in his name.

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