“Jesus, it’s Jim” (repost)


I heard this preachers’ story a few years ago in a message on Mary and Martha from Steve Brown.

(There seem to be a few versions of the story around, including one that locates the story in a UK city).

Every day at noon Jim used to call into the sanctuary of his church. After just a few minutes he would leave. The pastor’s study was immediately above the door the the sanctuary and the pastor noticed Jim’s unusual (to the pastor) behaviour.

One day the pastor decided to ask Jim what the point of these short, daily visits was. Jim told him that he would come into the sanctuary and stand in front of the cross. He’d simply say, “Jesus, it’s Jim.” Then he would leave.

The pastor was on holiday when Jim was taken into the hospital. When he got back he called at the hospital. He noticed that things were different. Nurses were nicer and doctors were kinder. So he asked a nurse from his church what had happened. She told him to ask Jim.

The pastor went to the third floor where Jim was. He told him that people were saying it was because of him that things were different in the hospital.

“No, it’s not me,” said Jim. “Every day at noon, Jesus comes into my room and just stands there. He says, ‘Hi Jim, it’s Jesus.”

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