People love a story. From “once upon a time”, to the page-turning paperback to the daily soaps, there is something about a story, well-told, that draws us in and holds out attention.

Even preachers find that where eyes may glaze over at the abstract and the conceptual, attention comes alive with a story.

Jesus was a master story-teller. Much (not all) of his teaching was set in the form of story. Parables is the word we often use to describe his stories. Not all of his stories are specifically described as parables and not all of his parables would really qualify as stories – some of them are too short: analogy would be a better word to describe them.

In this section of the website (currently under development) you will find some written expositions of eight of the stories Jesus told. For some of us they have become familiar parts of Scripture, though unfortunately their familiarity has sometimes blurred their point.

Hopefully these expositions will allow an opportunity to experience these stories, and their impact, in fresh ways.

  1. The problem of selective hearing.
  2. Who is my neighbour?
  3. A warning to the wealthy (and the not so wealthy).
  4. The tale of the fruitless fig tree.
  5. A tale of two sons.
  6. Do rich men go to hell?
  7. Do good people go to heaven?
  8. Waiting for the return of the King.

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